Neema House, Arusha, Tanzania Help for Tanzanian Orphans
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     Neema House Arusha
A Rescue Center for Orphaned, Abandoned,
   and At-Risk babies in Arusha, Tanzania

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Did you know? 
  • There are 53 million children living without parents in Sub-Sahara Africa (UNICEF*).
  • In Tanzania, with a population of 45 million, there are several million orphans, many of whose parents have died from AIDS.
  • Most orphanages will not accept babies because they are too expensive to care for and require too many workers.
  • Due to a shortage of clean blood supply in Africa, mothers die during child birth at a much higher rate, resulting in many orphaned babies. 
  • In Tanzania, babies are abandoned in hospitals, churches, along the road, in forests, bus stations, and many other places.
  • To adopt a child in Tanzania you must live in the country 3 years, be married, and be at least 25 years old, which basically stops out of country adoptions.

These are some of the factual reasons why Neema House Arusha has been established.  The real reason is that God wants us to help the poor, like these little ones below.

*Statistics from United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund or the World Health Organization.